Wednesday, September 17, 2014

New Ink Pitt--Reading of Riches

New Ink Pitt--Absence of Doom pt. 2 of 4:  “Reading of Riches” 

Books lined the walls of the hidden library in the Psychic Parlor of Doom.  The Potbellied Ninja was filled with joy!  Perhaps his search to find something to help Trodemus was not in vain after all.  Upon closer inspection, the Ninja confirmed that the library was physically real and not an illusion.  However, the physical space that it occupied shouldn't least not as the library.  That space should have included part of his room and Trodemus' room, since they both shared opposite sides of the same wall.  This library was a single room apart yet somehow between those two rooms.  The Potbellied Ninja decided the room had to be magical, and that somewhere in this library was a way to rescue Trodemus!

Potbellied Ninja then began to pull books off the shelves and look through them for some answer.  He was disappointed when he found that the books were blank, with no writing inside and no titles on the covers.  Potbellied Ninja would not give up hope though.  There were many books in the library, and he felt one of them had to have some content.  The Ninja feverishly searched the books page by page and threw the blanks onto the floor.

Belinda heard the noise from next door and got out of bed.  She walked out of Trodemus' room wearing one of his black robes.  It covered most of her body since it was 3 sizes too big for Trodemus.  It did not cover, of course, Belinda's cleavage,  which was clearly visible in the open front of the robe.  It appeared that Belinda had been sleeping in the nude, and was still nude underneath!  She walked towards the Ninja's room and saw the new doorway to the library.  She looked into the library and saw the Ninja on the floor with a pile of books.

"Ninja...what are you doing?"

The Potbellied Ninja turned to see Belinda, and her cleavage caught his attention for several moments.

"Well?  Where did...this...come from?"

The Ninja shook his head, breaking his fixation on her breasts.  He looked up at Belinda's face again.  "It magic library.  It appear when I thump against wall.  I search the Psychic Parlor for something to help my master and I find it."

"Wow!  A magic library!  Didn't know Troddie had this!"

The Ninja threw another blank book on the floor.  "I not know either.  All I know is that maybe it have magic book that have something to help rescue the master!  If I could only find one book that not blank!"

Belinda slowly made her way in, causing the Ninja's attention to turn once more to her breasts.  "Blank books? Who keeps a library full of blank books?"  Belinda realized that the Ninja was looking at her clevage.  She smiled a bit before pulling the robe closed over her chest.  "Well, let me help you look through these.  Gonna take you all night by yourself!"

Belinda and the Potbellied Ninja searched for hours, until they finally got to the last book.  Belinda took it from the shelf  and was astonished to see that this book had a title!  On the cover it read, The Book of Riches.


All characters, stories, photos, drawings, and performances
are (C) 2014 Joshua Dyson & Crevice Creations

All characters appearing in this work

are fictitious. Any resemblance to real
persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental

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