Thursday, March 17, 2016

New Ink Pitt--St. Patty's Day Sinner

New Ink Pitt--St. Patty's Day Sinner

Lenny the Leprechaun moved away from the St. Patrick’s Day revelry on the street, turning the corner and entering a dark alleyway.  His motivation was the irresistible aroma that came from within.  It was not the scent of beer, but another scent that drove him wild!  Lenny smelled the delightful smell of a woman!

Lenny marched onward, knowing that somewhere in the alley, he’d find the woman of his dreams!  His stubby legs carried his 4’ 3” frame quickly yet quietly through the darkness.  Though he desired this woman greatly, he didn’t want to risk any chance of scaring her away!  He would ease up to her, and take great caution before rushing her with his intense passion!  Lenny actually stopped for a moment to ponder this.  When did he, the lecherous leprechaun, approach any woman that desired him with caution?  He thought he must really be losing his touch, or maybe he was falling in love?  A sniff of the air again made him forget that as it revealed that this woman, whoever she was, was ready for him!  Lenny grinned with desire and licked his lips in anticipation and took off with thundering stomps towards his lustful lady!

“Don’t ye worry, Lass!  Lenny will find ye and give ye what yer needin’ hehe!”  Lenny came upon some trash cans that smelled like flowers.  It smelled similar to his woman, but it sure wasn't her!

“What the green hell?!?  Ye aren’t what me nose smelt!  And ye are certainly not the receptacle I be lookin’ fer!”  With that, Lenny proceeded to raise green hell all over the cans!

“Get out of me way ye gowl,” Lenny yelled as he punched one can.  He gritted his teeth an kicked another over!  He then attacked all the trash cans at once, punching and kicking them with his short arms until the whole alley was littered with trash!

"That'll teach ye not ta keep Lenny from his female!"  He stomped onwards at a quicker pace.  His delay made him more eager to get to his woman!

"Ta hell with caution!  I will be takin' ye by surprise now, Lass!"  Suddenly, he ran into something soft and smooth, and looked up to see the long legs of a naked woman!  Lenny sniffed and knew it was his woman!  His eyes traced her legs upwards to see her curvaceous thighs which met in the middle where he saw her female delight!  Farther up, he saw her flat stomach, and just above, the rounded mounds that were her breasts projected outwards, topped with pointy nipples!  When her red hair began flowing downwards, he knew the identity of this woman of his dreams!  It was none other than Rachel Smith herself!  No doubt the Mormon Mommy would look down a moment later, revealing her beautiful face to the love-stricken leprechaun.

"Rachel, me love!  Yer body is so beautiful!  Smile down on me with yer lovely face!"

The head then appeared, revealing RUFUS, her retarded son!"

"Ah Wenny!  You so nice!"

Lenny screamed and tried to escape the alleyway, as Rufus, with a female body, followed!
"Where you goin' Wenny?  Wenny? Wenny?"

Lenny awakened on the lap of Rachel.  They were still in her minivan after their lovemaking session.  It had all been a bad dream.  He could still hear Rufus calling his name, and looked up to see the "special son" of Rachel, with his face pressed to the passenger side window of the minivan!

"Wenny what you do in there with mah Mommy?!?


All characters, stories, photos, drawings, and performances
are (C) 2016 Joshua Dyson & Crevice Creations

All characters appearing in this work

are fictitious. Any resemblance to real
persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental

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