Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Peepers' Pitt--Firefight in the Lab

Peepers' Pitt--Costume's Charge pt. 5 of 6 :  Firefight in the Lab

Peepers fired multiple bursts of energy from his laser wands, turning back the Pittians from their attempt to capture him!

"FIRE!"  Peepers yelled repeatedly as the lasers shot off in the direction of the Pittians.

"Not exactly what I had in mind."  A voice spoke to Glademus as he watched the firefight unfold between Mr. Peepers and the Pittians.

"Well, he seems to be adapting well.  Hopefully the gray experience has humbled him enough to use this version of the power more responsibly."  Glademus sat in a chair next to an executive desk while watching Peepers on the view screen.  Behind the desk, in a leather chair, sat the person he spoke to.  They were inside a large office that was circular in shape.  On the ceiling was a familiar shape that glared down at them.  The room was filled with the finest furniture and looked like a very important place.

Back in the Tinkerer's lab, Peepers was firing lasers all over the place, and the Pittians could do nothing to reach him!  Suddenly, the room filled with gray smoke!

"Choo Choo!!"  Peepers yelled.  "What you think you doing?"  Peepers struggled to see as the smoke filled the lab and the opening to the maze before him.

"Hey guy!"  An odd man in a dress shirt and tie appeared out of the smoke in front of Mr. Peepers.  "Don't worry, I can help you out of here!"

"Who you and where you come from?"  Peepers questioned.

"I'm just a regular guy!  Here to help!"

Peepers' new glasses automatically scanned the man to reveal his true form.  A pumpkin head appeared in place of the regular guy face!

"Charlie Decaye!  You not fool Peepers with new face!  Get out Peepers' way before he blast you!"

Female hands slid across Peepers' shoulders and down his chest, followed by arms and the smell of too much perfume.  Peepers pulled away and turned.

"Lucy!  Stay away from Peepers with dirty hands!"

"Aww c'mon Peepers baby!  My hands ain't dirty!"  She held up her hands and flashed her long fingernails while pushing out her hips sexily.

"Peepers glasses detect otherwise!  Fingers show residue of interaction with hoo ha, and everybody know Lucy #1 Ho with the #1 dirtiest hoo ha!"

"Why you--"  Lucy went to slap Mr. Peepers but the giant ho slapping hand of Jervas Clinkscales did it for her!  He slapped Mr. Peepers from behind, almost sending him to the ground!

"That'll teach ya not ta talk junk 'bout mah #1 ho!  You gon ‘pologize for ever calling her hoo ha dirty!"

Peepers laughed.  "Clinkscales?  What happen to hands?  Did Lucy give you infection with her dirty hoo ha?"

"Don't you laugh at me!  Yeah mah hands look funny but I know how ta use 'em real good!  Gonna use 'em to pimp slap you all over the place!"

Before Peepers could move, the muscular arms of Boris the Russian solider wrapped around him, and held him in place!  His strength was incredible, having been increased by his earlier interaction with Mr. Peepers.

"I've got him, Comrade Jervas!"

Jervas rubbed his giant hands together and smiled.  He was ready to give Mr. Peepers a good smacking!

BRANG!  Peepers activated his invulnerability again and his personal force field pushed Jervas back and caused Boris to lose his grip!  Peepers ran through the smoke to escape them, and knocked over Humphrey Hobo on his way!  The impact of the force field knocked the hunchback hobo out!  Peepers' glasses had detected the lab exit through the smoke, and was directing Peepers.  He was almost out and back into the maze when he heard a loud pitched yell that nearly deafened him!  Van Punker appeared and started playing air guitar, which now actually produced sound!  The air guitar sound was joined by his amplified yell.  His air guitar power actually sounded like an entire rock band!  Peepers had no time to ponder it as he quickly fired his lasers at Van Punker and ended the catastrophic concert before it got out of hand!  Peepers missed the rocker, who jumped out of the way.

Peepers exited the lab and went into the maze leaving the gray smoke behind.  The entire maze was now visible as he started to run down it.  Before he could go a few steps though, the EMT man appeared!  The EMT man looked crazier than ever, and the EMT letters on his forehead were glowing!  He ran up to Peepers and headbutted him!  Peepers was knocked back a bit, but his force field held, and caused the EMT man to be blown backwards and off his feet!  Peepers then ran past the EMT man down the maze.  He turned briefly to fire his lasers into the roof of the maze, which brought down mortar and many mechanical parts between him and his pursuers!  Peepers giggled and continued down the maze.

VRRRPPP!! VRRRPPP!  Peepers tripped and fell as two giant coils wrapped around both his legs.  He looked up to see the Mad Tinkerer with his robot!  The robot had shot the coils out of its arms, and was slowly reeling Peepers closer to him.

"Forgot about us, didn't you?  Well the game is over, Mr. Peepers!"  The Mad Tinkerer scoffed.  "My scientific mind has defeated that strange suit of yours!  Now Glademus has to send us home!"

Mr. Peepers frantically scrolled the screen of his glasses with his eyes, searching for a method of escape.  He then saw a menu entitled “ESCAPE.”  Peepers saw the word “TELEPORT” and activated it!  Peepers said “teleport,” and the world around him began to fade in a red light.  He could faintly hear the voice of the Mad Tinkerer as he struggled to find a way to stop what was happening.  Everything around Peepers then disappeared into a red nothingness!  The redness grew and grew until it finally reached a climax.  It then quickly flew away to reveal another environment!  Peepers looked to find himself in an oval office!  Before him sat Glademus and a man in a black suit and white tie behind an executive desk.  The man was also wearing glasses, which were identical to Mr. Peepers' original ones.  Mr. Peepers realized the man looked exactly like him!  The man rose to his feet and spoke.

"Welcome Peepers.  I am President Peepings!"

All characters, stories, photos, drawings, and performances
are (C) 2016 Joshua Dyson & Crevice Creations

All characters appearing in this work

are fictitious. Any resemblance to real
persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental

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