Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Peepers Pitt--Birdy Attack Attack

Peepers’ Pitt--Stranded with Strangers pt. 10 of 12:  “Birdy Attack Attack” 
Birdy and Trodemus Attack!
The image of an angry and advancing Johnny Pizzazz began to fade, but not before Birdy Nok Nok had pecked the air furiously numerous times.  Trodemus was full of pride.  The mental deception he had presented to Birdy was turning the birdman into a killing machine!  Surely, he would win the $1,000 Peepers had promised and defeat Pizzazz and his protégé!

A flash of light signaled the arrival of Mr. Peepers, who once more appeared as a floating head!  “Trodemus!  You have done well!  Using your deception to make Birdy bad pleases Peepers!”

Trodemus grew excited.  “Ah yes!  So the Prophet of Doom has done it!  He has made his protégé more interesting than the one with Johnny Pizzazz!  Trodemus has profited once more and become $1,000 richer!”

Peepers laughed.  “Not so quick, Trodemus!  Peepers want more than just you making Birdy bad!  He want Birdy bad and he want Birdy to act on badness!  Peepers want Birdy to attack Johnny Pizzazz and his protégé, Humphrey Hunchback Hobo!  Then, winner of battle get the $1,000!”

“BAH!  You never said anything about all that to win the $1,000!  You just said whoever made their protégé more interesting would win!  The Prophet of Doom is not pleased!”

“Peepers also say that whoever make his pitt more interesting by turning their brand of entertainment in the direction Peepers chooses would win $1,000!  This what Peepers choose!  Birdy’s badness only make things interesting if he act on it with other people in Pitt!”

Trodemus growled.  “If we must fight them, then we must!  Doom is ready to get this over with!  How are we supposed to find Johnny Pizzazz or his protégé anyway?  The Prophet of Doom sees no way off this building, and no ground below!”

Peepers pointed to Birdy, who suddenly bent over as a sign for Trodemus to get on his back and fly!  “That is the way!  Peepers has mentally instructed Birdy to carry you to Pizzazz and his protégé!  Now away with you!”

Peepers then vanished, and as he did, the buildings around Troemus and Birdy also began to disappear!  Brick by brick, they faded into nothingness.  Finally, Trodemus had no choice but to jump on the back of Birdy Nok Nok and fly off!

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