Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Peepers Pitt--Mechanical Mayhem

Peepers' Pitt--A MAZE ing Adventure 4 of 6:  Mechanical Mayhem

Mr. Peepers continued down the maze.  He had already disabled several new electrical encirclements that popped up in front of him along the way.  The humming sound he'd been hearing had evidently come from the energy buildup that created them.  The humming had faded now, insuring Peepers that perhaps that was the last of them.  The mechanical maze had grown eerily quiet.  Peepers felt that he must be getting closer to the charger that he was so desperately searching for.  A realization came over him.  In all the rush to find the charger and power his new costume and glasses, it hadn't occurred to Peepers before that he didn't know what the charger looked like or how to plug his costume into it!

"Problem Peepers deal with later." he thought.

A whirring sound broke the silence and caused Peepers to look up quickly!  He looked down the maze to see two small robots rolling towards him on tank treads!  They were similar in appearance to the Mad Tinkerer's larger robot he'd faced back in the town.

"BZZT...INTRUDER...HALT"  the first robot demanded.  Peepers smirked and didn't see the danger of these robots, which were about as tall as his knee.

"HALT...NOW...OR PREPARE...TO BE ENGAGED" the second robot stated.

Peepers gasped.

"Robots confuse Peepers!  Tell Peepers to halt and then propose to him?  Peepers not ready to get married!  Even if he was, he not want a metal mate!"

Peepers then attempted to walk past the robots, but his first step was met by a siren  emitted from the robots that caused him to cringe.  The sound bounced off the circular metal maze and was quickly becoming unbearable.  One robot lifted a metal claw and shot out a net.  Peepers barely avoided it, rolling out of the way just in time.  He tried to get up and run past the robots but was stopped by blinding red strobe lights that reminded Peepers of his own strobe.  With the noise level continuing to rise and the strobe lights disorienting him, Peepers had to turn and retreat back down the maze, away from his destination!


All characters, stories, photos, drawings, and performances
are (C) 2016 Joshua Dyson & Crevice Creations

All characters appearing in this work

are fictitious. Any resemblance to real
persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental

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