Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Shit Pitt--Incident of Intimate Items

Shit Pitt--The Sweater Story pt. 4 of 6:  Incident of Intimate Items

Mr. Clementine's sweater burrowed around underneath the covers of Monica's bed.  It thrust back and forth like some sort of animal!  After inspecting the sleeping space thoroughly, it then slipped back out from under the covers.  It "stood" on top of the bed, starched and straight for a few moments.  Starch was definitely not responsible for what happened next!  The sweater moved its sleeves around again, this time in a waving action.  As the sleeves waved faster, the entire sweater began to glow red with energy again!  Another burst of bright red light released that energy into the entire room, causing Monica's cabinets to fly open!  Underwear, socks, panty hose, and any other unmentionables Monica had stored there were forced out of their places into the air!  Clementine's sweater still stood erect as the items floated into the air above it.  For a few moments there was no other activity.  Monica's unmentionables remained in the air.  It was as if the sweater was thinking about what each item was and where it should be placed in this setup to do the most good.  Whether or not the sweater in its sentience was somehow aware of the uses of its fellow clothing was not yet certain.  Another burst of energy caused all the clothing to drop to the bed in what appeared to be random positions.  Yet the drop had left the more erotic clothing on the bed, while others fell to the floor.  One of Monica's fancy bras was positioned nearly in the center of the bed.  A pair of her panties lay nearby.  Various stockings lay sprawled across the bed in a fashion that led the eye up to the bra and panties.  The sweater then fell over, with one sleeve landing on Monica's bra, creating quite an incident of intimate items!

Terrance “the Pirate” groaned.  He was started to awaken from the knockout gas that had been used on him.  He tried to move his arms, but realized they were tied behind his back.  He lay on the deck of his pirate yacht on his side.  As he slowly rose to a sitting position, he saw the hooded figure from the motorboat, standing near the ship’s wheel.  The figure’s back was turned to him, and Terrance felt that he could easily catch the person by surprise, if only he could get his hands untied.  He began to slide around the deck, in search of something sharp to cut the rope of his tied hands.  It was all in vain though, because the hooded figure suddenly spoke.

“ can not eeescape...”

The voice was raspy, and very familiar.  Terrance’s clouded mind struggled to match the voice with a face.  His heart sank suddenly as he realized who it was!  The hooded figure whirled around, a face full of feces that could only belong to one entity!

“Come now, Terrrance!  Surely you have not forgotten SHITHEAD!”

The Demon of Defecation then laughed as Terrance screamed!


All characters, stories, photos, drawings, and performances
are (C) 2016 Joshua Dyson & Crevice Creations

All characters appearing in this work

are fictitious. Any resemblance to real
persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental

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