Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Pitt Report--Shit in Betram's Stomach

Betram's Belly is in Turmoil!

Shit Pitt--Shit War pt. 19 of 20: “Shit in Betram‘s Stomach”
Betram Bunny lay on an examing table in the Rebellion’s base, complaining of his stomach ache. Eating Shithead had successfully ended the Shit War, but it had left Betram with a lot to digest! The fear was that Betram would finally digest Shithead, and when he passed him out of his system, the Demon of Defecation would be reborn!
Johnny Pizzazz had a plan though. The whole idea of Betram eating Shithead had been his idea anyway. Pizzazz used his magic to somehow see inside Betram’s bowels and open a inter-dimensional doorway back to the place where Shithead had come from. So, the threat of Shithead was removed, and Betram’s stomach troubles were over.
La Luna Guerrerro, who had been captured by Shithead, was found encased inside hardened fecal matter inside Shithead’s darkened stone chamber. Evidently, Guerrerro had broken free and put up a fight. Shithead had covered him in shit to hold him until he could be dealt with later. The Rebellion finally freed him after much work, and he was fine.

The Pitt Report updates Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday nights All characters, stories, photos, and performances are (C) Copyright 2010 Joshua Dyson

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