Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Pitt Report

Coach Spurrier is victorious!

Shit Pitt--Shit’s End INTERLUDE 2: “Rebellion‘s Rendezvous”

Coach Spurrier, Betram Bunny, and Vinnie Love traveled along the path back to the rebellion’s base. Spurrier rode on Snigger the horse, looking proud. He couldn’t wait to show the rebellion that he had accomplished exactly what he said he would by rescuing Betram and Vinnie Love from the Shitlings! Spurrier felt that instead of sitting around “making plans,” the rebellion should have been taking action as he had. His efforts had even been rewarded with a bonus in the capture of Shitlings Dr. Dyson and Gwala the Zombie, who were hitched to Snigger’s saddle and walking behind the group. Oh yes, Spurrier was riding high! His only regret was that he was unable to locate the rebellion leader, “Chance” Clemens -- the Rosewood Cowboy. The Cowboy had gone off solo as Spurrier had, only he went straight to the source of the “shit” by attacking the Demon of Defecation himself, SHITHEAD! No one had seen him since.

Betram, who had gotten drunk with Spurrier the night before, and asked him if he liked bunnies, now had a crush on the Cocky Coach! The Bisexual Bunny had been in love with some strange characters in the past, but he felt that Spurrier was special. The Coach loved him for his animalistic qualities, something he’d never experienced in a relationship before. Spurrier, in his drunken state, had even let Betram sit on his lap as they watched the sun rise together! Betram was all giddy inside, but then he remembered his face, and how he was scarred. Betram hadn’t been able to get Dr. Dyson to fix it, but now that he was their prisioner, maybe he could force him! Betram was hopeful and kept looking up at Spurrier lovingly as they walked.

Betram Bunny is still horribly

Meanwhile, the most unexpected person Spurrier found captured by the Shitlings was Vinnie Love. The Leader of Love was thought to have been changed by Shithead into Vinie Hate, the total opposite of himself. Turns out that Vinnie Hate was actually Vinnie Love’s twin brother, Bennie! The Love Man could not be broken by Shithead, so he was thrown into a cell and replaced by his brother as Vinnie Hate, the Daddy of Dislike! How Love was captured, the attempts by Shithead to change him, and his relationship with his twin brother was a story yet to be told.

Vinnie Love is back!

Spurrier stopped Snigger in his tracks as he saw something up ahead. It was Johnny Pizzazz and the rest of the rebellion, on their way to execute Pizzazz’s plan to end the Shit War! The two groups compared stories, and Spurrier talked about how great he was. Finally, they all came together on Johnny Pizzazz’s plan and marched on to put it into action! Would this truly be the end of Shithead’s rule, or would the rebellion fall against the dark power of the Demon of Defectation? To be continued…

New Episodes return Monday December 27, 2010

All characters, stories, photos, and performances are
(C) Copyright 2010 Joshua Dyson

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