Wednesday, October 29, 2014

New Ink Pitt--Book's End

New Ink Pitt--Misfortune of Doom pt. 4 of 6:  “Book's End” 

"BAH!" Trodemus bellowed at the Book of Riches as he set it on fire with a match!  "The Prophet of Doom will not be toyed with by this book!  If it will not plainly state how to undo my financial fears, then I will UNDO the book!!"

Trodemus laughed as the book began to burn on a metal table outside the Psychic Parlor of Doom.  Belinda walked up and watched for a few moments as the book somehow began to reverse the burning until the flame was snuffed out!

Trodemus' eyes grew big as the Book of Riches appeared untouched by the fire.  "How is this possible?!?"  He then went and got some lighter fluid and doused the book down and once more lit it on fire.  The fire blazed higher than before, but after a few moments, the Book of Riches reduced and then snuffed out the flames!

Trodemus was seething!  If the book could not be destroyed, then what could he do?  He tried to rip out the pages, but they would not tear!  Ghosts began to fly out of the book again, and they raced into the psychic parlor.  A few moments later, a loud thud was heard from inside.  Trodemus and Belinda got there just in time to see Trodemus' safe open, and all his money flying out!  The ghosts seemed to be carrying the money as it traveled through the air.

"No!  Put that back!  Trodemus, Prophet of Doom commands you!!"  The ghosts flew up over his head towards the open doorway of the Psychic Parlor.  Trodemus and Belinda followed them outside, but were stopped in their tracks by the appearance of Death!


All characters, stories, photos, drawings, and performances
are (C) 2014 Joshua Dyson & Crevice Creations

All characters appearing in this work

are fictitious. Any resemblance to real
persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental

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