Monday, October 24, 2011

New Ink Pitt--Disagreements Dissolved

Rachel will end the argument!

New Ink Pitt--Lenny the Mormon pt. 3 of 5: “Disagreements Dissolved”
“NO RACHEL NO! AYE WILL NOT!” Lenny the Leprechaun yelled loudly.
“AYE will NOT go with this re-…Rufus on this trip ye speak of! Me place is here with ye and our unborn chile!”

Rachel looked down at Lenny as he stood in the middle of her living room with his arms crossed. She knew that he would be opposed to the idea of accompanying Rufus as a “guest” on his mission to become a Mormon priest. However, she also knew that any argument he could make would not be able to counter the conclusion she had come to.

“Lenny, you have to understand. This is best for us all. In order for us to ever be a family, you have to do this.”

“NO NO NO! LENNY NOT…COME W-WITH ME, MOMMEE! HE NOT ‘LLOWED CUZ HE BAD BAD BAD!!” Rufus spouted his words between large mouthfuls of the last chocolate bar Rachel had given him. The retard spat chocolate all over the dining room table as he spoke.

“Now, Rufus, you KNOW what Mommee told you! You are going to be a good boy and agree to this! I want Lenny to go so he can take care of you!”

Lenny’s eyes grew big. “What the green hell?!? There is no way aye am going to take care of this re-”

Rachel gave Lenny a stern look, and all opposition he had to the whole concept faded. He knew that, with that one look, Rachel was telling him that if he didn’t go with Rufus, then she would be parting ways with him forever.

“Ok, ok…Aye’ll do it!”

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