Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Peepers' Pitt--Peepers' Deus Ex Machina

Peepers is all-powerful in his Pitt!

Peepers' Pitt--Peepers' New Crew pt. 20 of 20: “Peepers' Deus Ex Machina”

After discovering Charlie Decaye was simply a census worker from another world and not a monster, Humphrey the Hobo and Birdy Nok Nok sided with him to find Mr. Peepers, who had brought them all to his Peepers’ Pitt. The trio traveled on foot until they finally reached the end of the woods where the Preeminent Peeper had placed them.

They exited the woods and found a train depot, along with Choo Choo Andrews, sprawled over the railroad track! Choo Choo was not hurt, but had merely fallen asleep in hopelessness over the fact that the only train had departed, and there were no signs of any arrivals. Decaye and Choo Choo shared what they knew about Mr. Peepers, and agreed that they must find him so they could get home. Decaye, Andrews, Humphrey, and Birdy then set out on their journey, as they followed the railroad track to who knows where…

Now, after several hours of walking, the group arrived at what looked like a small town. Buildings sprang up on both sides of a street, but there were only about five in total. Strangely, the railroad track they had been following ran right through the center of the street! It appeared that the street was not designed to accommodate anything aside from a train, and the parts not covered with track were only wide enough for a bicyle or motorcyle to ride on. Decaye, Choo Choo, and Humphrey walked along the street, while the bird-man, Birdy Nok Nok, flapped his wings in the air above. Suddenly, a large man came lumbering down the street, with a big smile on his face! The man told them his name was Boris, and that he was smiling because of the great time he had had at the local whorehouse run by Jervas Clinkscales! Humphrey and Choo Choo recognized Boris as the Russian solider who had appeared with them when they first arrived in this Peepers’ Pitt. Decaye, who frightened Boris somewhat with his pumpkin-headed appearance asked if the solider knew where they could find Peepers. Boris then told them of how Peepers had appeared out of nowhere and shocked them all. When Clinkscales tried to punch him, Peepers shoved him back with an incredible, invisible force that slammed him against the wall! Outmatched, Clinkscales then offered Lucy, his “number one ho” to the Preeminent Peeper, but Peepers had refused! Boris said he then vanished without even doing anything to the “number one ho!” He couldn’t understand how Peepers could have resisted Lucy!

After hearing Boris’ story, Decaye decided that they should meet Jervas Clinkscales and see if he had more information about where to find Mr. Peepers. Before they could act however, a strange man wearing nothing but his underwear came running up the street towards them! As he came closer, the letters “EMT” were visible, emblazoned on his forehead. It was the EMT man, whom Peepers had taken from an insane asylum on another world. The EMT man stopped a few yards away from the group and and began bouncing up and down and making odd noises. The sky overhead began to darken, and crackling energy resembling lighting flashed all around. Then, the face of Mr. Peepers, in apparition form and around 100 square feet is size, appeared in the sky!

“PEEPERS SEE YOU…HE SEE YOU ALL AND KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING!” His voice was as loud as thunder and seemed to rumble the earth of Peepers’ Pitt. “PEEPERS’ WILL IS NOT YOUR OWN! YOU GO AGAINST WHAT PEEPERS HAVE PLANNED FOR YOU, SO NOW HE SHALL CORRECT YOUR WAYS! Peepers’ glasses glowed brighter than ever before as everything went white…

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All characters, stories, photos, and performances
are (C) 2011 Joshua Dyson

All characters appearing in this work
are fictitious. Any resemblance to real
persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

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