Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Shit Pitt--Snigger's Standing

Shit Pitt--Showdown for Snigger pt. 2 of 5: “Snigger‘s Standing”
The Rosewood Cowboy lay on the floor of the hotel room, crushed by the weight of a naked Coach Spurrier! He had reached his pistol, but before he could take a shot at Spurrier, Snigger had neighed!

“Hell yeah! Snigger ain’t gonna let ya win this fight if he has anything ta say about it!”

The Cowboy looked over at his horse, who was now standing. It seemed that Snigger knew something was wrong! The sight of his two potential masters fighting had evidently stirred something in him!

“Shut up, Spurrier! He didn’t neigh fer yew…he neighed fer me! He’s probably gonna kick yew in the damn teeth finally fer horse-napping him!”

Spurrier laughed. “That’s whereya wrong, Boy! Snigger came with me, and even let me ride ‘em off of his own free will! How do ya explain tha--oof!”

Spurrier grabbed his unprotected crotch and fell to the floor beside the Cowboy. The Rosewood Cowboy had kneed him right in the nuts while he was gloating! The Cowboy lifted himself off the floor and stood over the crumpled coach.

“Snigger DID NOT go off with yew of his own free will! Ah know that yew got a way with animals…some form’a mind control or somethin’! Don’t know whut it is…but it all ends tonaight!”

Spurrier gasped in pain between words. “That ain’t true! Ah can prove it! Just let Snigger decide who he wants ta be with!”

The Cowboy looked down angrily at Coach Spurrier. “No. Yew got my poor horse confused. Ah’m a gonna have to use mah four-legged reform technique! Might even use it on yew while ah’m at it!”

Spurrier rose and sat naked in front of the cowboy. “All right! Think ya can beat me, huh? Think ya can just come between me and mah wife? Well…yore welcome ta try, Hotshot…but lemme warn ya…me and Snigger is BONDED! Ain’t nothin’ ya can do ta change that, reform technique or not!”

The Cowboy scoffed at the coach. “We’ll see about that!”

All characters, stories, photos, and performances
are (C) 2012 Joshua Dyson

All characters appearing in this work
are fictitious. Any resemblance to real
persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.