Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Shit Pitt--Story of the Sweater

Shit Pitt--The Sweater Story pt. 6 of 6:  Story of the Sweater

Monica awoke to find Clementine gone!  After their night of passion, the two had fallen asleep in her bed.  The last thing she remembered was Clementine's arms wrapped around her as they spooned.  She moved her arm and felt the empty pillow where Clementine had rested his head.  Monica sighed and suddenly realized something else.  They had both fallen asleep naked, so how was it that she was now wearing her bra and panties?  She got another surprise when she attempted to get up out of bed.  No matter how hard she tried, she could not lift herself up!  After a few moments she realized that her bra and panties were somehow holding her to the bed, as if they were attached to the mattress!  Monica could not figure out how this was possible.  She struggled and managed to slip out of her underwear.  With her legs free, she kicked and twisted but could not get her upper torso free from her bra.  She was unable to reach the back fasteners, since that area was pinned to the mattress by some unseen force!  Monica moved her bare legs and bottom in a futile kickfest that produced no results.

Mr. Clementine's eyes fluttered open to a blue-green world all around him.  The cool embrace of water pressed up against his skin, and he realized his whole body was adrift...underwater!  He gasped for breath only to have his mouth fill with salt water!  He was in the ocean again, and drowning, just like the day when Terrance the Pirate had forced him over the edge and down to the depths!  He'd never quite figured out how he'd survived that, and then to awaken on the island of Tutuila,  to the lovely sight of Monica, the Tutuilan native actress!  Monica!  He was in bed with her after their lovemaking!  How did he get here?  Clementine tried to hold what breath he had left and determined that he would once more escape his watery fate.  He attempted to swim upwards, towards what he thought was the light of the sky above him.  He assumed  it was morning from the look of things.  He swam towards it, but to his horror, the light was suddenly...shut off!  It was now pitch black where the light had been, and Clementine had to turn back because he could not see anything!  He retreated to the blue-green area and frantically looked for some sign of daylight elsewhere.  He began to panic as he could no longer hold his breath and prepared to breathe out and accept his fate.

Suddenly, a light appeared, but not from anywhere around him.  Clementine looked down to see he had his sweater on and it was now glowing red with energy!  In his confusion, he had not paid any attention to what he was wearing.  After his lovemaking with Monica, he really wasn't supposed to be wearing anything!  Yet there it was, glowing brighter and brighter with red energy.  Clementine grew frightened, wondering what was about to happen next.  The red energy grew to a climax and then seemed to explode out into the water!  Clementine was unharmed.  On the contrary, he had been saved!  A red bubble of energy now surrounded him.  He took a breath and realized there was air in the bubble!  Clementine sighed in relief and took a few moments to gather himself.

He could not rest long as the sweater suddenly forced Clementine's arms up and worked its way off of his body!  It then flew over to the other side of the bubble and floated in the air.

"Oh my God!  It's true!  My sweater!!  Y-you're alive?!"  Clementine was both astonished and puzzled that this sweater he'd had for years was now somehow acting on its own!

"H-how is this possible?"

The blue sweater glowed red again and suddenly two eyes and a mouth appeared in it.  It began a raspy laugh that chilled Clementine to the bone.

"Anything is possible for...SHITHEAD!"  The raspy voice that spoke from the sweater needed no introduction.  It was clear that it was the Demon of Defecation, Shithead!  Clementine's heart sank in horror as it brought back memories of him being a servant of Shithead, as one of the Shitlings!

"Hello Clementine!"  the raspy voice of Shithead seemed to fill the whole bubble with fear.  Clementine had to force himself to find the words to interact with him.

"But you're dead!  The Rebellion killed you!"

Shithead laughed yet again.  "Oh you mean when Betram ate me up?  He did get rid of me, yes, but he only sent me back to my home dimension!  My Shitworld is so much better than your little Pitt, but I rule everything here already, and I seek new places to conquer!  I have yet to fully take your dimension but despite my little...setback...I made sure I'd get another chance!"

"What do you mean?"  Clementine grew curious.

"Well, Betram didn't get all of me!  He didn't see the vestiges of myself that I left within your sweater and within the headpiece of the only Shitling to escape the Rebellion--Halabaad the terrorist!

"So that explains Peyton's Sweater story!"  Clementine exclaimed.  "My sweater isn't's just being animated by you!"

"Oh but it is alive!  It is very much sentinent, but it is still my servant!  I fashioned the Sweatershit to lie dormant until I got to you via Halabaad or if your life was at risk."

"When Terrance tried to drown you in the ocean, the Sweatershit activated on its own, and saved your life!  It has been acting independently ever since, though within my orders.  Due to it's limited power without my presence, it had to get creative.  It manipulated your new lady friend somewhat with a quickly-pushed bedroom distraction that allowed it to get you here!"

"You were supposed to free the other Shitlings once I activated your Sweatershit in the Cowboy's jail, but your pirate friend complicated things!  He certainly does hate you!  Took us a while to get to him but now...see for yourself!"

An image appeared next to the floating sweater.  In it Clementine saw Terrance the Pirate tied up on his pirate yacht, with Halabaad the Terrorist standing over him!

"I just let him know, through Halabaad, who's in charge!  Figured you might want to deal with him, once I arrive on Tutulia and make it possible for you to fully embrace the Sweatershit!"

"No!" Clementine protested.  "I won't serve you again!"

Shithead laughed.  "Oh, but you will!  I've taken steps to see that you do!"  The image then switched to show the half-naked Monica still fastened by her bra to her bed.  "The Sweatershit's interaction with Monica's undergarments gave them some power.  She is unable to move and quite trapped!  If you do not embrace the Sweatershit, I will have Halabaad go and eliminate her!"

Clementine sighed.  "Don't hurt her!!  I-I'll do what you ask!"

"Very good, Clementine!  I knew you'd see it my way!  It has been a long chase, but it will be over once I arrive with Halabaad on Tutuila!  You will embrace the Sweatershit and it will take total control of you!  Percy Clementine, my Shitling you were, and my Shitling you will be once again!"  Shithead then laughed as Clementine felt hopeless.

All characters, stories, photos, drawings, and performances
are (C) 2016 Joshua Dyson & Crevice Creations

All characters appearing in this work

are fictitious. Any resemblance to real
persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental

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