Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Shit Pitt--Transformation of Terrance

Shit Pitt--Sway of the Sweater pt. 6 of 8:  Transformation of Terrance

A sweater-less Clementine burst from the tropical forest, carrying a makeshift spear and looking like some sort of wild, white native on the hunt!  He arrived at Monica's trailer, after a long desperate run to get to her in time.  Clementine feared the worst, as Shithead's promise to eliminate her still played out in his mind!

Clementine walked up to the door of her trailer, unsure of what he'd find.  He opened the door and went inside.  A quick search revealed no one was there.  All Clementine found was Monica's bra and panties--the ones that bound her--laid out on the bed.  Clementine sighed in relief.  At least she'd escaped them.  Then his hope derailed.  What if Shithead had already gotten there and kidnapped her?

"Percy!"  What's going on?"  Clementine turned to see Jeffrey, the director of Child Castaways, standing in the doorway.

"It's Monica.  Sh-she's gone!"

"Gone?  She's got an 8 AM call!  She better not be gone!"

"You don't understand!"  Clementine struggled with whether or not he should tell Jeffrey about what was going on.

"I sure don't!  Lissen, did you hear some gunshots earlier?  This part of Tutuila is supposed to be clear for filming!"

Uh--no.  What gunshots?"


"THAT gunshot!"  Jeffrey turned to leave.  "C'mon it came from the beach!  If some poachers are hunting on my set I'll prosecute!"


"Gragghhh!!"  The painful groans of Terrance the Pirate came from inside his yacht cabin bathroom.  Shithead was at work applying the vestige of shit from Clementine's sweater to his new chosen Shitling!  In the next room, Monica lay naked and sprawled out on a wooden table, with rope binding her arms and legs to it.  Across her mouth still rested a piece of the living shit from Shithead's tendril.  She shook her head and squirmed her body in protest, but her screams were muffled.

Peyton was tied up outside on the deck where Terrance had been, and with the same rope.  Tape was over his mouth, so that he could not yell out as well.  Yet, Shithead had underestimated the problem child, as he was attempting to reach into his back pocket for his knife to cut the ropes!

Shithead--in the body of Halabaad--stood over Terrance the pirate as he applied the vestige of shit to him.  The process was evidently painful as Terrance continued to groan in for several minutes longer before he was silent.  Halabaad's body then moved aside, revealing a somewhat different Terrance the Pirate!  He was now naked except for a loincloth, his bandanna, and eye patch.  He sat on the toilet of his cabin bathroom with his head down and his body hunched forward.

"Terrance...awaken!"  The raspy voice of Shithead called to his new shitling.  Terrance's bandanna and eye patch began to stir, glowing with the red energy of the shit!  His long hair vanished magically under his white bandanna and was replaced by slithering strings of shit that sprouted outwards.  Shit grew out from his eye patch and dropped down onto Terrance's arms, changing them into tendrils of shit resembling Halabaad's!  Terrance groaned in pain once more, but it soon faded into an evil laugh as he looked up at his master and smiled!

All characters, stories, photos, drawings, and performances
are (C) 2017 Joshua Dyson & Crevice Creations

All characters appearing in this work

are fictitious. Any resemblance to real
persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental

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