Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Shit Pitt--Tasting the Tendrils

Shit Pitt--Sway of the Sweater pt. 5 of 8:  Tasting the Tendrils

The body of Halabaad made its way along the beach, moving towards Terrance the Pirate's yacht.  It was the body of Halabaad that moved, but it was the mind of Shithead that directed it!  The floating tendril-like turds of the Demon of Defecation emanated from the place where Halabaad's face should have been, signifying his possession of the terrorist.  Halabaad clutched the now lifeless sweater of Clementine in one hand and his recently-fired pistol in the other.  As the strange amalgam walked on, the two persons within conversed mentally.

"Oh Master Shithead!  I did not see why we let Clementine go at first, but I now realize your plan!  Terrance the Pirate, with his past jealously over Clementine's TV status, will make a much better Shitling than the weak Clementine!"

"Yes, Halabaad!  It's true!  I was able to observe inside Terrance's mind briefly, and saw that after kidnapping Clementine, Terrance tried to kill him!  Such envy and hate within him!  He will be very easy to turn to our side!  All it will take is the application of the shit taken from Clementine's sweater!  Then, with our strength increased, we can free the other Shitlings from the Rebellion's gras--"

"Master, what is it?"  Shithead halted the body of Halabaad as quickly as his sentence.

"I sense others...aboard the yacht!"  Shithead used whatever mental abilities he had to probe further.  The floating turds of his face then glowed a deep red and formed the semblance of a smile.  "Halabaad!  We must hurry!  This is even better than I planned!"

With that, the body of Halabaad began to run towards the yacht!


Monica lay flat on the deck of the yacht, taking care to keep her head down in the wake of the gunshots that came from down the beach.  She then quickly and violently grabbed Terrance the Pirate by the vest again!

"Ok, Mr. Pirate!  Tell me what the hell's going on!  Why is this Shithead shooting up the island and what does Clementine have to do with it?!?"

Terrance laughed.  "I told ya, wench!  Shithead wants Clementine back in his service!
Don't worry, he be a different man now!  Cowboy reformed him, yarr!  Yet, Clementine was a little cuckoo when he was a Shitling!  Shithead wants ta bring that side'a him back!"

Monica shook her head.  "Shitling?  Cowboy?  What kind of fantasy is this?  Sounds like one of Jeffrey's bad ideas!"

"Yarr it be a bad idea if Clementine tries to resist!  Which probably be why ya hear all the shootin'!"

"Peyton!  Stay where you are!  I'm going to go help Clementine!"  Monica lifted herself up from the deck to leave.
Terrance broke in.  "Yarr that would be an even more terrible idea, Wench!  I should know cuz they don't call me Terrance the Terrible for nothin'!  Yarrr!"

Monica eyed Terrance with annoyance.  "Lissen Pirate Man, you're not helping any and your Pirate act is annoying me!  Why don't you just shut up and let me think?"

"Ms Monica!"  Peyton yelled down from the roof of the yacht’s cabin.

"Peyton!!  Get down from there!  You might get shot!"

He held a telescope in his hand.  "But I gotta try out this cool spyglass I found in the cabin!  Guess what?"

"What, Peyton?"  Monica shook her head as she looked up at the problem child.

"I can see that HalaShitman and he does have a gun!  Looks like he's coming back this way, Ms. Monica!  If Terrance had a pirate gun, I'd shoot ‘em from here! YARR!!"

"Oh my God!  Peyton, do you see Clementine?!?"

Peyton turned the frame of the telescope.  "Um no, Ms. Monica.   It's just Shitface!"

"Peyton!  Language!"

"Sorry Ms. Monica!"

Monica looked back towards the beach and could vaguely make out the white-robed Halabaad/Shithead.  She worried about Clementine but assumed the worst if he'd been shot.  She then looked up at Peyton and realized it was their safety that was most important now.  She'd grab Peyton and they'd get off the yacht and find help as quickly as possible!

BLAM!  Before Monica could move another gunshot fired off, following the sound of Peyton...

"MSSS MONICA!  HELLLLLLLLP!!" he fell of the roof of the cabin and into the sea!

Clementine rested in the heavy foliage of the Tutuilan forest.  Hidden by the tropical trees and bushes, he had escaped the bullets of Halabaad's gun.  He had gone a considerable distance, in a direction that was unfamiliar to him.  It had not been his intent to go away from direction of the movie set, but if that led Halabaad and Shithead away from Monica and the others then he could rest knowing they were safe.  His main concern at the moment though was escaping Shithead and Halabaad and surviving!  He refused to submit to Shithead's control again--not after he'd worked so hard regaining himself and now finding a new life with Monica on Tutuila.

"Monica!"  He then remembered the vision Shitehead had shown him of Monica trapped on the bed by her own undergarments!

"Gotta help her!"  Clementine turned to run towards Monica's trailer, also remembering Shithead's promise to send Halabaad to eliminate her if he did not submit to Shithead!  His pace quickened with the growing fear in his heart as he prayed he was not too late!


Monica watched Peyton's fall into the ocean.  To her, everything was happening in slow motion.  Peyton must have been shot by Halabaad's gunfire, and had been knocked off of the roof of the yacht cabin!  Without much thought, she threw off her robe to reveal her naked brown Tutuilan form.  Terrance began to yarr, but was cut off as Monica looked back and gritted her teeth like a savage!

"God, I wish I'd worn a swimsuit!"  she thought to herself.  "I'd even take those stuck purple panties and bra right now!"  She sighed and leapt in after the problem child.  She reached him quickly and dragged him to the shore.  Once there, she retreated back into the water, to cover her nakedness from the boy.

"Ms Monica!  You saved me!”

“Peyton, are you okay?  Did you get shot?”

“No, Ms Monica.  The blam scared me and I fell!  Must’a lost my balance!  Why ya hiding in the water?!?"  Peyton smirked.  "Ms Monica!  Are you naked in there?"

"Peyton, shut up!"  Monica lifted her hands to cover her breasts that were beneath the water.  "I was concerned about Clementine, and I ran out without thinking!  Didn't think you'd be out here!"

"I got up early and was bored, so I came down to the beach!  Then I saw Halashit and the yacht and Mr. Terrance yarr!"

Monica shook her head.  "Please don't do that.  Ok, listen to me.  We have to get out of here.  Follow m--"

THWAPP!  Monica was cut off as a long bulbous tendril appeared between them and wrapped around her neck!

"Ms Monica!"  Peyton looked past her to see the tendril coming from the arm area of Halabaad, who was now standing within a few feet of them.  Peyton could smell the tendril and confirmed that...

"Mistah, you smell like shit!"

Monica's eyes grew big but before she could tell Peyton "language," another tendril wrapped around her mouth and she shook her head and squirmed as she got a taste of it.

The raspy voice of Shithead came from the floating turd mass head.  "Ahh yes.  Taste it, Monica.  Taste the tendril of Shithead!  Mmm!"

Monica fought to get free but the tendril was too strong and pulled her naked body out of the water and along the sandy shore, closer and closer towards the Demon of Defecation...

All characters, stories, photos, drawings, and performances
are (C) 2017 Joshua Dyson & Crevice Creations

All characters appearing in this work

are fictitious. Any resemblance to real
persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental

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