Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Peepers' Pitt: New Crew Askew Epilogue

Peepers’ Pitt--New Crew Askew Epilogue
The Silhouette!

Choo Choo Andrews squinted.  A blinding white light had appeared before himself,  Boris the Russian solider, and the EMT Man.  The railroad man wondered if it was Mr.  Peepers again, but the presence of the white cloth that had rescued them from their predicament spoke otherwise.  Whoever…whatever was behind the white cloth and the light was not Peepers.  That much was about to become very clear.

A figure had appeared in the white light, against the billowing cloth, which stretched out to form a rectangle in the air.  The figure was in Silhouette against the white cloth and light, so it was impossible to make out the face.  The cloth and figure had moved a certain distance, but stopped short of the visual ability of anyone present to make out who it was.  The face was not necessary however, as a voice spoke:

“I have rescued you from the predicament Peepers placed you in so that you might come together once more and plan your next encounter with him.”

“I gave Peepers the necessary distraction to keep him occupied while I rescued you, and I am about to place limits on his ability to see you for some days.  In this time, you must plan to face him in “The Last Battle.”  This battle will determine your fate.  If you are able to defeat Peepers, then you will be returned to your rightful places in the universe.  If you cannot, then your fate is not certain.”

Charlie Decaye, Birdy Nok Nok, and Humphrey (with trash from the dumpster all over him) walked up at that moment.  They were aware of what was said as the voice was very loud, even in the alley where they had been.  It continued:

“You must go to the building that has become the whorehouse of Jervas Clinkscales.  One among you has been there.”  Choo Choo looked back at Boris, who smiled and turned red.  “There I will place information on Peepers…background information on who he was before this place, people he knew, and where he came from.  I go now to set into motion an event that must take place before the Last Battle, an event that will possibly give you reinforcements in your struggle. Farewell!”

The figure and cloth then vanished, and the light faded.

All characters, stories, photos, and performances
are (C) 2013 Jon Hason & Crevice Creations

All characters appearing in this work
are fictitious. Any resemblance to real
persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

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