Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Peepers' Pitt--Who is Peepers?

Peepers’ Pitt--Creating the Crunch pt. 3 of 3:  “Who is Peepers?”
Who is Mr. Peepers?

Those gathered in the whorehouse of Jervas Clinkscales waited in anticipation for the voice of the shadowy figure to reveal exactly just who Mr. Peepers is.  They had learned of his godlike power, but now they were about to find out what Mr. Peepers is at the core of his being!

“Who is Mr. Peepers?” asked the voice of the shadowy figure, which seemed to come from the glowing white cloth that floated next to the toilet of destruction.

“You’re supposed to tell us!” came the gravely voice of the pumpkin-headed horror known as Charlie Decaye.  There was no reply for a few moments.  Humphrey the Hobo passed gas loudly, and tried to blame the bird man, Birdy Nok, who then blamed railroad man, Choo Choo Andrews.  Boris the Russian looked embarrassed, but mostly because he was remembering the wild time he’d had with Lucy, Jervas’ “Number One Ho.”  She stood behind him while Jervas watched to see if Boris did something with Lucy he could make money off of.  The EMT man squated in the corner, and Van Punker was sitting down with his guitar.

“Enough!” came the voice of the shadowy figure.  “It is not for you to tell me what to do!  However, I will answer the question posed.  Mr. Peepers, in his normal state, in his normal universe, is quite simply, a peeping tom!  He has said himself that he goes ‘from window to window, seeing what he can see.’  He is a pathetic creature who obviously cannot make it with any female, so he must get cheap thrills by watching random women undress!”

“You can use this knowledge to defeat Peepers in the Last Battle!  He has tried to create his own perfect woman, but has been unable to, despite having godlike powers.  You could offer him a woman, but I know there is only one among you, and Peepers deemed her to have a dirty hoo ha.”

Clinkscales got upset with that remark about Lucy, and threatened to attack the white cloth.  Charlie and Choo Choo held him back.

“So what can we do if we have no woman to tempt him with?” asked Choo Choo Andrews.

“That is for you to figure out.  I would suggest getting many porno magazines to distract him with!  Now, I must go, as I still have Peepers distracted using my own means.  My distraction will only last a short while longer.  In 3 days, your time will be up, and Peepers will be able to see what you’re doing again!  Farewell, and good luck!”

With that, the glowing cloth and toilet disappeared.

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