Monday, March 28, 2011

Pitt Report--Decision to Date

Rachel wants to know how committed Lenny really is to her!

New Ink Pitt--Dating Difficulty pt. 1 of 5: “Decision to Date”
Rachel & Lenny lay naked on the floor of the hidey hole, sweating and out of breath! To apologize for rejecting him before, Rachel had come to the hidey hole and willingly had protected sex with Lenny the Leprechaun! The experience had been truly amazing, as the two had been at it all night!

Now, as the sun rose over the underground hidey hole that was Lenny’s home, Rachel began to think about things. Though passionate, willing sex with Lenny was the greatest kind she‘d ever had, she regretted having it with him so quickly and without more commitment. She was still a religious woman, who despite her shortcomings, would ultimately honor her Mormon faith. With that in mind, Rachel rolled over and faced her lover--the man who said he wanted to marry her at any cost. “Lenny, you make me feel better than any man ever has, and I love you!”

Lenny smiled at the beautiful red-haired woman. “Ah, Rachel, I love ye too, lass!”

Rachel’s face changed from happiness to a look of uncertainty. “Lenny, I have to know…do you still want to be my husband?”

Lenny took Rachel’s hands in his to assure her his intentions were still the same. “Of course, Rachel! I am ready to marry ye as soon as possible! Do ye not believe that?

Rachel turned away. “I believe you, Lenny. I do. I just--I need to know that it’s not all just about sex.”

Lenny reached up and turned Rachel’s face so that she was once more looking at him. “Rachel, me dear…I have been a wild lad in me time, but I want ye to know that I never met a lass like ye! I truly love ye and I am ready to commit to ye as soon as ye are ready!”

“Good, I’m so glad to hear that,” Rachel said as she smiled again. “If you are truly ready to commit, then you won’t mind doing a few things for me before we get married.”

“Ah ye want me to lick that spot behind your ears again, hmm?”

Rachel giggled. “No, Lenny. I want you to agree to go out on some dates with me, like real couples do.”

Lenny’s eyes filled with love. “Ah, lass I don’t mind at all! I would luve to take ye out and romance ye!”

Rachel grew happier. “Perfect! I also want you to agree to go out on dates with me where we just talk and don’t do anything else.”

Lenny looked puzzled. “Nothing else? What do ye mean, Rachel?”

Rachel swallowed hard. She wasn’t sure how Lenny would take this. “I want us to go out on some dates where we don’t have sex afterwards. I want to know that it’s not all about sex with us.”

A look of disappointment formed on Lenny’s face…

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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Pitt Report--Decaye's Plan

Decaye plans to leave Peepers' Pitt!

Peepers’ Pitt--Peepers New Crew pt. 13 of 20: “Decaye‘s Plan”
Last time, Charlie Decaye, the Pumpkin-Headed Horror, revealed that he was not a monster at all, but just a really aggressive census worker! He had been brought to Peepers’ Pitt under under the pretense that Humphrey Hobo and Birdy Nok Nok were people on the run from the Census Bureau of his own dimension! Mr. Peepers told Decaye that Humphrey and Birdy had escaped from Decaye’s dimension into the Peepers’ Pitt by an one-dimensional portal. Decaye, eager to get everyone counted, went after them with no more questions and no explanations, until now!

“Decaye has made a mistake. He has been lied to by this Mr. Peepers! Decaye must find and force him to return Decaye to his own world! I am sure that if you two are not of this place, then you also would like to be returned to your own worlds, yes?”Humphrey was kneeling down on the ground, looking for something to eat, and hadn’t heard anything Decaye had said. The bird/man, Birdy Nok Nok, had heard every word however, and seemed to understand. He squawked back in agreement to Decaye.

“Well then, my friends, let us go find this Mr. Peepers and get him to send us home! I still have many people to count for the census! Do either of you know how to find Peepers?” Birdy Nok Nok looked around. Humphrey began digging in the ground. This was not going to be easy!

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Monday, March 7, 2011

Pitt Report--Rachel's Restraint Removed

Rachel enraptured!

New Ink Pitt--Pregnancy Predicament pt. 5 of 5: “Rachel‘s Restraint Removed”
Rachel lay in nothing but her bra and panties on the tiny couch in Lenny the Leprechaun’s minature hidey hole. Though the couch was uncomfortable for a normal sized person, she didn’t let it spoil her mood. She lay there on the couch with her arms up over her head as she ran her fingers through her long red hair. She stared at Lenny with the look of lust in her eyes! The Mormon Mommy had made a decision, and had cast off the restraints of her faith in order to be with the leprechaun who loved her! Rachel also began to unrestrain something else as she lowered one of the straps of her bra over her shoulder. Lenny, who had no restraint to begin with, had become a “full grown man” at the sight of Rachel being lustful! “Lenny, I want you…NOW! TAKE ME!”

Lenny began to go for it, but questioned Rachel to make sure that this time she was certain. Rachel smiled and said, “Oh baby, I’ve never been more sure! I want you to make love to me and then I want you to be my husband. And this time…I brought protection!” Rachel held up a condom package.

Lenny leapt onto Rachel with his small leprechaun body and kissed her lips deeply. Rachel wrapped her arms around her wee Irishman and pulled him close. Lenny pulled down Rachel’s other bra strap and let loose all restraint she had there, much to the lecherous’ leprechaun’s delight! Rachel was so beautiful and Lenny’s heart melted as he stood over his lady love. Rachel pulled down Lenny’s pants and the action began! Sounds of passion unlike any ever heard began to rise upwards from the hidey hole. It was sure to be a night Rachel and Lenny would NEVER forget!

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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New Postings Return!

New posts return next Monday, March 7, 2011 with an all-new format!

Rachel and Lenny hook up again! What will
be the outcome this time? Find out next
Monday, March 7, 2011 here on this blog!

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