Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Peepers' Pitt--Control of Conflict

Peepers’ Pitt--
New Crew Askew pt. 9 of 20: “Control of Conflict”

Charlie Decaye, the kind man with the mean, pumpkin-headed face, trudged onward through the faux desert.  Behind him, the mental patient known only as the EMT Man, due to the letters emblazoned on his forehead, followed.  The two had been placed in this “desert” by the now near-omnipotent Mr. Peepers, and were attempting to find their way out.

Decaye marveled at the fact that the EMT Man had taken no notice of him until he started to walk away.  It was almost as if the insane man was being guided by some unseen force.  This was closer to the truth than Decaye realized, as the EMT was in fact being guided by the invisible Mr. Peepers, who floated in the air nearby!  Peepers could not decipher the thoughts of the EMT Man, but he had found a way to project his own thoughts into him.  These thoughts came in the form of mental commands from Peepers that told the EMT Man what to do.  Peepers had led the EMT Man into the town where Decaye had first encountered him.

Peepers grew bored as he watched Decaye slowly walk through the “desert.”  Peepers wanted conflict, and decided to make some!  His glasses glowed, and a small pool of water appeared right in front of Decaye!  Decaye was very thirsty, though the desert was not all that hot.  He walked over to the pool and put a finger in it, and discovered that it was no mirage!  He then crouched down and cupped a handful of water.  Before he could drink, he heard an “Awoo!”  A moment later, the EMT Man was upon Decaye, placing a chokehold on him!  Peepers smiled.  This was more like it!

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All characters appearing in this work
are fictitious. Any resemblance to real
persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.