Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Peeper's Pitt--Countdown to the Charge

Peepers' Pitt--Costume's Charge pt. 3 of 6:  Countdown to  the Charge

The Mad Tinkerer and the rest of the Pittians found Birdy Nok Nok outside the building, still bent over and pecking around on the ground for imaginary seeds.  The Tinkerer slid up a sleeve of his white lab coat to reveal an odd wristwatch.

"Where'd ya get that?"  The Tinkerer gasped as the gravely voice of Charlie Decaye came from behind him.

"It's something I built after Glademus shared more information on how Peepers uses hypnosis against his opponents.  His regular glasses emit a strobe effect that cause a person to go into a state that makes them suggestive to hypnotic commands.  One feature of this wristwatch counteracts his strobe."

The wristwatch buzzed as the Tinkerer walked up to Birdy Nok Nok.

"What's that?"  Charlie Decaye was full of questions, like the good census worker he was.

The Tinkerer held the watch up to his face.  "Somehow, Peepers was able to hypnotize Birdy here without the glasses.  The wristwatch detects it."

Charlie frowned.  "You mean this isn't his normal state?  Sure had me fooled!"

The Tinkerer turned a knob on the watch and a frequency that only Birdy could hear was released.  The Bird Man suddenly raised himself up and looked around frantically in birdlike fashion!

"Squawwk!  Squawwk!"  Birdy went nuts, evidently realizing the seeds he spent all that time pecking for were not real!  He took one look at the Pittians, then leapt from the ground and flew into the building that held the Tinkerer's lab!

"Where's he going?"  Decaye questioned yet again.

"He's probably headed for Peepers!  C'mon Pittians!  Follow Birdy!"

Choo Choo Andrews talked and talked and talked as he told the story of his entire life!  Peepers cringed as Andrews told him every little detail about his life as a child and how he got interested in trains.  Peepers eyed the display in the wrist of his costume and smiled.  There was only 20 seconds left for the costume's charge!  A whirring sound was heard within the wall and then a female voice started the countdown at 5 seconds!

"5"  Peepers smiled as  Choo Choo looked around for the voice.
"4"  The whirring of the wall traveled down closer to where Peepers was attached.
"3"  The whirring stopped at his back and a thump was heard.
"2"  Air released from either side of Peepers as he felt himself being pushed out.
"1"  The lab filled with white smoke that blocked Peepers from Choo Choo's view.

Peepers emerged from the smoke with his costume fully charged and dramatically altered!  The center eyeball design of the gray costume had now gone red with energy and the corners of the eye had expanded outwards to the shoulders in a stripe pattern!  Red stripes of energy ran from the chest area and out to arms.  All the white areas had gone red and the gray...the gray was gone!  Peepers smiled to see that this newly-altered costume felt a lot like his original since it was black!

Suddenly, a beeping sound  came from his glasses.  Peepers' looked through his red glasses to realize they were operating as a display to some sort of computer system built into the costume!  Phrases like "laser wands" and "invulnerability field" popped up on the screen.  Peepers grinned in delight!  He had finally gotten a serious upgrade!

All characters, stories, photos, drawings, and performances
are (C) 2016 Joshua Dyson & Crevice Creations

All characters appearing in this work

are fictitious. Any resemblance to real
persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental

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