Sunday, March 19, 2017

New Ink Pitt--Raunchy Rachel

New Ink Pitt--St. Patty’s Day Sinner pt. 2:  Raunchy Rachel

Rachel eyed the tall stein of green beer on the table in front of her as she contemplated St. Patrick's Day.  As a good Mormon woman, she knew she should abstain from alcohol, but it looked so good!  She had realized that if she was going to be in a relationship with Lenny the Leprechaun, then a bit of partying was required!  So she licked her lips and reached for the stein, quickly turning it up and chugging it all down like an Irishman!

Rachel then slammed the empty stein down on the table and let out a huge burp!  The room looked fuzzy but she felt really good.  She tried to stand up but was a bit wobbly, and fell into another woman who was walking by.  The woman shoved her and Rachel took offense, letting out a series of cuss words that she didn't even know she had in her!  Rachel argued with the woman for a moment but was then led away by Lenny, who rushed in to save her!

"Well  Rachel, I see ye've finally come around to me lifestyle!"

Rachel drunkenly tried to speak.  "'re s-s-so cute!  Weshould go and have sex somewheres later hehe!"

Lenny smirked.  "I won't argue with ye there, Lass!  Ye are so sexy right now!"

"Whhat?  Me?  Sexy?  I'm not sexy, but these are!"

Rachel pulled her top off and exposed her breasts to the entire pub they were in!  The Mormon Mommy was really starting to loosen up after that drink!  She then got up on the bar and the rest of her outfit was visible.  She was wearing a green skirt, fishnets, and high heels!   She stood up on top of the bar, topless and began dancing!  Her red hair flowed as she shook her head side to side and moved to the sounds of Irish music.  The pub attendees started clapping and cheering as Rachel began to take off the rest of her clothes!  She slid her green skirt down her long legs to reveal green panties.  As she bent over, she turned her butt towards Lenny and smiled at him!  She then threw her dress onto the lecherous leprechaun's face, followed by her panties!  Lenny sniffed them and winked at her.  Rachel stood up again, and was now completely naked except for her green fishnet stockings and high heels!  She continued dancing, but with more provocative movements as she lifted her arms up and squatted down.  Someone from the crowd yelled out, wanting to know where her pole was.  Rachel smirked and looked down at Lenny.  The leprechaun looked deviously back at his lady and then jumped onto the bar with her!  He then slid down his pants and everyone then knew where Rachel's pole was!  Rachel giggled and prepared to work her a number of ways...but before she could she awoke from her dream to the sound of Rufus yelling at Lenny from the outside of the mini van!  She looked up to see her Special Son laying on the windshield with his face pressed into the glass asking "Wenny" what he was doing in there with his mommy!

All characters, stories, photos, drawings, and performances
are (C) 2017 Joshua Dyson & Crevice Creations

All characters appearing in this work

are fictitious. Any resemblance to real
persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental

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