Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Shit Pitt--Peyton the Pirate

Shit Pitt--Sway of the Sweater pt. 3 of 8:  Peyton the Pirate

Peyton the problem child rambled through the trees towards the beach.  The cantankerous child was up to no good yet again as he spotted a yacht that had pulled up on shore right before day break.  He had watched and waited to see who would get off the boat.  Peyton thought he was dreaming when he saw a weird man in a white Middle Eastern style robe exit the yacht and walk down the beach.  Had Jeffrey secretly hired some new actor?  Closer examination of the man's face revealed that he didn't have a face at all!  In place of his face where these free-floating shapes that looked like turds!

"Ewwww!  Turd face!"  Peyton said under his breath.

The figure was clearly the now-possessed Halabaad, showing the face of Shithead, though Peyton was not aware of any of that.  He assumed it was some mask and that Jeffrey was most likely going to use this guy as a surprise to scare all the kids in Child Castaways!  Peyton got an idea and then smirked.  He'd make sure that that Jeffrey would be the one who'd be surprised as he made his way to the yacht!

A naked Monica stood over her bed, still looking down at her bra and panties, which had bound her to her bed up until a few moments before.

"What the hell happened last night?!?"  She reached down and picked up her bra and then dropped it back down on the bed, waiting for something happen.  When nothing stirred, she sighed in relief.

"Man, what did I have to drink last night?"

She then went from room to room in her cabin, looking for Clementine.  He was nowhere to be found, so she slipped on her robe and went outside and looked around.  When her search found nothing, she decided to make her way out to beach.  Dawn was approaching, so maybe she'd find Clementine out there in the morning light.


Back at the yacht, Peyton made his way onto the deck, only to find Terrance the Pirate tied up and gagged in a corner!

"Heyyy Mistah!  Oh wow!  You're a PIRATE!!!"  Peyton yelled excitedly.

Terrance shook his head and said "MMFF MMFF MMFF" with a fervor that clearly said to "Shut up!"  It was clear that Terrance didn't want the Shithead-possessed Halabaad coming back and capturing Peyton too.  Of course Peyton didn't understand, and thought that Terrance was playing Pirate with someone.

"Where are the other pirates, Mistah?  You must be the bad pirate if they got you tied up!  Should have left somebody ta watch you!"

Peyton then walked over and took Terrance's eye patch and bandanna, putting them both them both on his own head.  He then looked back at Terrance and smiled.

"Not ta worry Mistah Bad Pirate!  Peyton the Pirate is here ta keep an eye on ya!  YARRRR!!!"

All characters, stories, photos, drawings, and performances
are (C) 2017 Joshua Dyson & Crevice Creations

All characters appearing in this work

are fictitious. Any resemblance to real
persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental

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