Wednesday, April 5, 2017

New Ink Pitt--Sidewalk Setup

New Ink Pitt--Trodemus: Street Psychic pt. 1 of 6 :  Sidewalk Setup 

Trodemus awoke with a gasp!  It was all a dream!  Everything he had experienced--from Belinda lying naked on a table and spending all their money on "Funky Poppers;" to the bizarre meeting with horrifying presidential candidates; to the distasteful comparisons of Trodemus with that strange fictional doctor; to the oversized, cross-dressing girly giant version of Stardust ripping open the Psychic Parlor--had all been a simple nightmare!

Trodemus moved his head around on something squishy.  He raised his hand and felt a familiar sensation.  He opened his eyes and saw that his head rested not on a pillow, but upon one of the fat thighs of Belinda, his Lady Love and Cherished Chubby!  Trodemus smiled a wicked smile and started to run his hand up and down Belinda's voluptuous leg.  He wasn't sure how they'd ended up in this position but he was sure it would lead up to some serious lovemaking between them yet again!

Suddenly, Belinda shifted and Trodemus' hand slid off her huge thigh.  Instead of their bed, Trodemus felt grass!  He then slid his hand a few inches more to find the cold, uncaring feel of the sidewalk!  Trodemus' eyes grew big.  He thought the nightmare was over.  He then heard Belinda above him, sniffling.

"Ohh Troddie!"

Trodemus looked up to see his lady love in tears, but looking wonderful in her sexy red corset!  Trodemus realized he was also fully clothed in his black robe.  He then slid up off of Belinda's large leg to comfort her.

"Belinda!  Why are you crying?"

Belinda opened her eyes as tears rolled down her pudgy cheeks and looked deeply with desperation at her man.

"I-It's the Parlor!  We've been kicked out!"

Trodemus grabbed Belinda by her rotund arms and got a bit excited feeling those curves!  He shifted lustful thoughts aside to further figure out the situation.

"What do you mean?  What's happened to the parlor?  Why are we on the street?”

Belinda pulled a tissue from her corset and blew her nose.  Trodemus cringed at the honking sound.

"S-Stardust--he kicked us out!  We're locked out of the parlor and the yard now that we didn't pay him the $250,000!"

Trodemus grimaced.  "How do you know this?  How did we end up on the street?  The last thing I remember was being in bed with you, and then I had a horrible nightmare about Stardust destroying the Psychic Parl-- Wait!  Is it still there?!?”  Trodemus looked up at the white picket fence that surrounded the Psychic Parlor grounds.  He stood up and looked over to see that the Psychic Parlor, and the adjoining Bingo Hall were still there!

"Troddie, all I remember was going to bed with you too in the Parlor.  I woke up to find us out here, sleeping on the sidewalk!  I tried to get through the fence, but I couldn't find the entrance!"

Trodemus' brow furrowed.  "No entrance?  Where did our gate go?"  He looked both ways along the fence and saw nothing.

"I don't know Honey!  It's just...gone!"  Belinda then started crying again as Trodemus hugged her up.

A passerby walked along the sidewalk up to them.

"Hey are you folks okay?"  Trodemus looked up at the person and saw the face of Stardust!  He was wearing a sparkly jogging suit sweater with a short skirt  as he ran in place.

"YOU!"  Trodemus shouted and made a leap for the Star-Crossed Cross dresser!  He was unable to make contact though, as Stardust's body became translucent, sending Trodemus flying right through!

"Yes!  It's me!  Stardust!  The SOLE PROPRIETOR--of the New Ink Pitt, and your former Psychic Parlor!"

"You told me that in my dream!"  Trodemus raised himself up from the street.

"Huh?"  Stardust looked puzzled.

"You came up the Psychic Parlor as this big girly giant and you told us that you were the Sole Proprietor and then you tore down the whole place!"

Stardust rolled his eyes like he didn't know what to think.  He then looked back at Trodemus.  "Trodemus--you are a beautiful young man--but I think you've got a wild imagination!  I didn't have anything to do with any dream!"  He then turned and giggled, revealing a translucent sparkly to do list that said:

Subjects to make Trodemus dream of to make him upset:
1.  Belinda spending too much money
2.  Politicians
3.  Giant Girly Stardust!
4.  Ripping up the Psychic Parlor

He then slid the list back into his dress, and somewhere down in his crotch area before turning around to face Trodemus again.  His body became totally visible again.

"Okay, so I had a little to do with the dream!  It was just in good fun and not real!"

Trodemus gritted his teeth in anger.

"It truly was all a dream, but this right now--it's not!  Belinda was correct.  I transported you out onto the street during your distracting dream and have now barred you from re-entry!  Until you are able to come up with the $250,000 to pay for the Psychic Parlor, you no longer have a home!"

"Bah! How do you propose that we make money with no Psychic Parlor?  Trodemus and his secretary need an establishment from which we can ply our wares!"

Stardust smiled.  "You have this sidewalk and any sidewalk within the area!  Surely the great Trodemus:  Psychic of Doom can draw money from anywhere!  A Sidewalk Setup sounds like an even better way to bring in customers being that you'll be visible to all passersby!"

With that, Stardust in his girly jogging suit disappeared, leaving Trodemus and Belinda to contemplate their fate.

All characters, stories, photos, drawings, and performances
are (C) 2017 Joshua Dyson & Crevice Creations

All characters appearing in this work

are fictitious. Any resemblance to real
persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental

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